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No no, not with blogging. But with this layout I have made. It's ugly. If anyone can work magic I would love you forever :)

Moving on, 2010 is over in about 13 hours and I'm trying to reflect on it and all that jazz. For me it was a year of love. I learned (am learning) what love is and how to express it more effectively. I heard my first "I Love You" this year. It was really romantic, on a bench at the the 3 dollar theatre. Some may argue that that is not so romantic, but to me, it was perfect. That at a moment in time when nothing out of the ordinary was going on, just living life, my guy had to get it out and let me know how he felt. Beautiful! :)

However, also looking back on this year I feel as though I wasn't as inspired or aspirational as I could have been or want to be. I think that may happen when falling in love. But I think 2011 will be a year of finding ourselves individually as well as together. A year of growth is always what I hope for. But this year, I hope to be excited to achieve something. So here it goes:

Goal # 2: Practice my Steno at least an hour a day

I am in school for Stenography and would like to be in my 160's by next September. That gives me approximately 3 quarters to pass 2 speeds. Sounds easy...but it's not! But it will be A LOT easier if I actually practiced.

This one may be hard for you to follow along with, but it could be tweaked for studying or drawing etc.

Have an AMAZING New Year's Celebration! And be safe!

Here I go again...

But this time it's not on my own.

One of my favorite quotes is "There are no strangers, just friends I haven't met yet." So it is with this mentality I try to live my life. And with each day I am learning, painfully, how I may hinder that process, and blissfully where I excel. This blog is about many things. It is about my growing relationship with the man I hope to marry someday. It is about the things I learn from that relationship. It is about all of the things I wish to accomplish in this life. No matter how vastly different they may all be I hope to achieve them all. It is about making fun of myself and having fun! I have a hard time keeping up with stuff. School work, reading, taking showers...yes...its' true. However, I'm hoping that if I have this to commit to every day it will seep into other things. And will become the go getter I hope to be! So here it goes, I'm hitting the ground running.


First on tap: Pray, Eat, Love. I will have it done by the end of January!

If any of these things sound like things you would like to do to, join me! And we can discuss it here! How much fun that would be!


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