Responsiblity...What's that?

Soooo, The problem with setting goals on a public forum is you feel like even more of a failure when you don't complete them. I still have a couple of weeks to finish the book. SO all is not lost.

I just took on a project to donate the majority of my clothes to Goodwill. I just bagged up the last of what I'm giving away and I'm not so sure I actually attained my goal. BUT I finally let go of  A LOT of stuff. I realized that more than half of my clothes were from my skinny days. I was holding onto it all in hopes that one day I would fit into it again. However, as I contemplated that last pair of nice slacks I realized that holding onto it will not help me or motivate me. I have to motivate myself. So I finally said goodbye to size 10's staring at me and mocking me and decided to start anew! When I do someday fit in those clothes...I'm not giving up on that...I just think when the time comes, It will be nice to go out and buy a new pair of jeans. I will admit I did keep a couple of dresses. I have some more growing to do...But that is a constant! :)

Here's to LETTING GO, and STARTING NEW in this new year!


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